Pre-Holiday Newsletter

Pre-Holiday Newsletter

The holiday season is almost upon us, and we want you to know just how
much we cherish each and every one of you! We've got some exciting
news and festive plans to share in this pre-holiday newsletter, filled with
love and warmth.

Let's Light Up the Season!

Holiday Decorating Party Get ready to deck the halls with us! We will have
a festive decorating party where you can put up ornaments, string lights,
and create beautiful holiday decorations. It's a chance to make our home
cozy and warm together.
Gift Exchange We're arranging a special gift exchange for all of the kids.
We believe in the magic of giving and receiving, and we hope this will be an
opportunity for them all to experience the joy of the season.
Winter Wonderland Field Trip This year, we're planning an unforgettable
winter outing to a local winter wonderland! It's going to be a day full of
laughter and memories.
Baking Extravaganza Join us for a baking day, where we'll whip up
delicious cookies, cakes, and treats. Sweet creations and perhaps even
share them with friends and families


Let's Spread Kindness and Love

Cards for Seniors Let's make the world a brighter place together. We'll
be creating heartfelt cards for the elderly in our community. Small acts
of kindness can make a big difference.
Food Drive We'll be collecting non-perishable food items to donate to
a local food bank. It's a way to show that even in difficult times, we
can give back and help others.

Holiday Movie Nights Gather around for cozy movie nights with all
your favorite holiday classics. Popcorn, blankets, and good company –
what more could we ask for?
Remember, the holiday season is about love, togetherness, and
creating precious memories. We are family, and we want them all to
feel cherished and celebrated during this special time of year.
We invite you all to join us on our holiday journey. Please contact Cindy
@ 480-831-8727 #3 to find out how to volunteer.


My Mulligans Heroes
By Kane Sprague (She/Her)

Upon entrance, I look around. The faces that I see are of those who have solace within their identity. I see
a home instead of a house, a community instead of a segregation, a family instead of a group.
My mind raced against my heart, asking myself, " Do you think this is a good idea? What if they don't
like you? What if..." All questions that would maybe be answered within hours, days, months, maybe
even years. All questions that maybe wouldn't be answered at all.
The couple of days before Graduation, where I thought I would never think to be alive to walk that stage,
when I was told by Miss Jenny, Mr. Chuck, and Miss Cindy, that I am going to graduate without a doubt.
On Graduation Night, when I received my diploma, hearing loud and clear, My ENTIRE Mulligans
Family, cheering, I had no doubt that I had a family.
To this very day, I would definitely recommend Mulligans Manor for those who want and need a loving,
fair, and very fun family.
Thank you, my beautiful family, for helping me have a second chance at hope. Thank you for giving me
my mulligan.
In honor, Kane Sprague

Thank you, Kane. These words express your commitment and hard work to move forward and succeed.

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